Another excellent venture by Indian institute of Kanpur for Oxygen Exchange/Covid Relief India Alliance.

Oxygen exchange resource:


a. In an unprecedented outpouring and a swift response, the Government of India, PSUs, Private Companies and charitable organizations have come together to procure 250,000+ Oxygen Concentrators (OCs) from around the world;                  
b. While acting on war-footing helped us secure the funding and supply, there has been little time for the multiple stakeholders to coordinate deployment. This becomes critically important to ensure minimal overlap                  
d. This model has been built to provide the basis of an “Oxygen Exchange”, an efficient and unbiased, matching platform, to minimize wastage of precious medical resources being imported and maximize the lives being saved in this fight against Covid-19e. We also aim to get feedback from donors on their deployments and update the same in the model so that all parties may have an updated picture of the residual demand.                  

Based on conversations with medical professionals and modelling of progression of Covid, the aim of the model is two-fold:                   

a. Conduct a bottom-up estimation of the demand for OCs from individual states, districts and hospitals
b. Estimate the current and upcoming stressed districts and states, to prioritise deployment


a. Severe cases have been estimated from past hospitalization rates during the 1st wave and early part of the 2nd wave at 15-18%b. Oxygenated beds have been calculated from various government disclosures as HDU, ICU and ventilator beds. Where data is unavailable, an estimate has been made basis averages
c. Peak estimated cases date is from the IITK Sutra model
d. The excess cases over oxygenated beds has been estimated as the OC demand. Please note that this is the OC demand equivalent – and may be met by OCs or other means like LMO, PSA plants, etc. that increases the capacity of oxygenated beds
Dashboardsa. Statewise OC demand – to broadly prioritise states – either based on current demand or future demandb. District-wise OC demand – to drill down into the statesc. Hospital-wise OC demand – to drill down to the hospital level (where data is available). Note that those hospitals have been prioritised that have a healthy mix of General:HDU:ICU beds to deal with patient degradation

Copyright Oxygen Exchange/Covid Relief India Alliance. The authors assert their moral right to the piece of work. Data, where used may be under copyright of the respective owners. The Sutra model is owned by its authors (being professors at the Indian Institute of Kanpur). The output sheets may be freely shared.

The authors have attempted to use publicly available data to create the dashboard and made judicious assumptions, where necessary, in a bid to aid Covid relief attempts. By using the data in this dashboard you agree to use your judgement in decision making and hold the authors harmless for decisions made basis the information, including errors, in the dashboards. 

United Against Covid – Global Virtual Summit May 15th, 2021

“United Against Covid” is an all-inclusive initiative led by Alumni of IIT, IIM, and other premier institutes from all over globe. We are organizing a Global Virtual Summit on Saturday, May 15th, 2021 (8:00 A.M. PST / 8:30 A.M. IST) where we will highlight the initiatives underway to overcome the challenges of Covid-19 and brainstorm how all stakeholders can optimize their efforts. Join global leaders as they share their approaches and framework to solve the current pandemic challenges in India and across the globe and understand the following:

1. Government and Public Sector, including Healthcare Systems
2. Private Sector, the largest group of employers in the World
3. Technology leaders, who produce medicines and medical equipment, and more
4. Citizens, the general public who have THE most significant role in avoiding infection.

United Against Covid will act as a platform to share your stories with the world. Together, through sharing our learnings and pitching together, we can stand united against the pandemic.

Register at:

Team UAC.

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy


India uses Alzumab-L Itolizumab from Bioncon, India – this is a monoclonal antibody compound.


In the U.S. monoclonal antibody has been approved by the FDA for EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). Two compounds used in the U.S. are listed below.

bamlanivimab and etesevimab made by Lilly (a pharma company)

casirivimab and imdevimab, trade name: REGN-COV2 and made by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Join us

We wish to request Indians world over (especially in US & India) to join & participate so that we can effectively do cross-border co-ordination of efforts. Let us SAVE lives and our motherland INDIA. The forum has a large number of channels focused on various areas around arranging Oxygen Concentrator, Hospital Beds, Plasma Donors etc.; working with NGOs, Government organizations as well as focused relief efforts in specific states/cities like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra etc.”

Plasma for Covid treatment in Hyderabad

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