CPAP Ventilator

For Indian villages where AC power nor battery charging is available, a group led by Hemant Singh found a company in Massachusetts with a modified CPAP ventilator that does not use AC power nor battery. 

COVID-19 Response

Vayu Global Health Foundation– Vayu Global Health Foundation is dedicated to providing smart, effective, and worthwhile COVID-19 response measures to health professionals.

Opensource Oxygen Concentrators Reference Designs

Opensource Oxygen Concentrators Reference Designs – Electronics For You has published an article related to opensource Oxygen concentrator designs.

App for free therapy sessions

HappyMinds is an app built by team of IIT BHU students. In these tough times, we are sponsoring free therapy sessions for covid affected families in limited capacity. Below is the form that needs to be filled to avail free therapy:

The therapy sessions would be provided through the mobile app on PlayStore (